Monthly Archives: December 2016

Halo 5: Population, party restrictions and solo queue

Guys… Halo 5 has a shitty online population. I wish match making in Halo 5 was better too, but please, stop requesting party restrictions in match making – It’s not possible. I’m the last guy on Earth that wants to defend 343 Industries, yet time and time again I find myself getting blasted by every member of every Halo community just because I have the audacity to tell them the facts.

Yes, I’d love to have party restrictions in match making. Why would I argue against this? The point isn’t that 343 shouldn’t have party restrictions in match making, the point I’m trying to make is that 343 can’t have party restrictions in match making.

Ever heard the phrase “don’t shoot the messenger”? Well, today I’m the messenger, and here’s the message that 343 doesn’t have the guts to tell you…

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