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Destiny expansion not so expansive

Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below was released today. Destiny launched on September 9th this year. A mere 3 months later and Destiny has its first expansion pack. After finishing the raid for the first time last night I’m keen to see what Bungie has next in store for Destiny.

Unfortunately, the list of features and the price for the expansion just doesn’t add up to anything that could be considered good value for money. The Dark Below isn’t an “expansion”, it’s DLC.

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DLC can subtract from a game and divide a community

Downloadable content (DLC) is supposed to add to a game. New maps, weapons, game modes and cosmetic upgrades can keep players interested in a game long after the original release date. A lot of developers used to include tools into games to allow customisation and map creation and sometimes they would even release free map packs periodically.

Unfortunately this has been lost on most producers and developers and now it’s just another way to milk every last cent from gamers. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes DLC is awesome and some developers pour their heart and soul into making awesome new map packs, weapons and even story additions. Too often however, DLC seems like nothing more than a cash grab.

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